"Between the help and support from Jeff and the knowledge of the parts and efficiency there's no other place I turn to for help. I have plenty of friends on the East Coast in the same field as I am and always recommend Becker Aviation. Parts always show up fast and are always correct!"

-Frank Trimarchi, Atlantic Aviation Mechanic GSE - FRG

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If you’re frustrated because you can’t find the aviation fueling nozzles, couplers, valves, and accessories you need for routine maintenance and emergency services, then you haven’t met Becker Aviation.

We have the best transportation system in the world. With UPS, FedEx and one of the largest international airports in the world in our backyard, we have the ability to get products anywhere in this country in one day. So, service level should never be an issue.


Since 1988, Becker Aviation has supported 47 Atlantic Locations.

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EATON Nozzles

Eaton Carter products, including the #64250 Heavy-Duty Underwing Refueling Nozzle, are extremely durable and ready to ship.

Built-in wear pads and the improved internal interlock mechanism have been designed to reduce impact to the nozzles and improve in-service longevity. Spare parts, grips, and handles are made to be sacrificial to protect the integrity of the nozzle body. The nose seal is extremely field-friendly, easy to replace on the job. These smart design improvements reduce lifecycle costs and make servicing parts easier for your team.

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Heavy-Duty Underwing Refueling Nozzle Eaton Nozzles Meggitt Nozzles
Part Number 64250 F117
Manufactured In Irvine, CA China
Supply Chain Status Ready to Ship On Back Order
View Prduct Literature #64250 Product Literature F117 Series Product Literature

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Becker Aviation is a national stocking distributor for airports small and large, nationwide. Keyword: stocking. We have inventory on the floor, ready to ship.

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